The Deep Tech community comes together to celebrate the launch of the Deep Tech Impact Fund.

 The Deep Tech Forum 2022 is set for a second year of leading edge collaboration and industry insights into the latest research and developments of the Deep Tech Industry. 

The Deep Tech Forum has been created under the patronage of the Deep Tech Impact Fund, which will be officially launched and inaugurated during the event, in partnership with the SGD Impact Fund. 

The Deep Tech Forum 2022 will be streamed live virtually on the 25th May 2022. The event is a global technology community initiative with the vision of seamless collaboration towards the betterment of our future generation. The Deep Tech Forum is an event that showcases some of the world’s top initiatives within Space, Robotics, AI, Quantum Computing, Healthcare, Nano Biotechnology, Agritech, Sustainability and Smart Cities. 

The event allows Deep Tech industry leaders to come together and discuss the future and betterment of the world we live in today through their research and leading innovations within their respective industry categories. 

As a not-for-profit event, the Deep Tech Forum’s commitment to directly supporting and contributing to those most in need has been underpinned by the establishment of partnerships with charitable organisations to launch a number of charitable initiatives. These include; for every speaker featured, The Deep tech Forum will be sponsoring the education of a child for one year, from partnered charity, the Malala Fund. Malala Fund invests in education advocates and activists who are challenging the policies and practices that prevent girls from going to school in their communities. 

Founded by Rico Pang, Founder & Secretariat Chairman and Dunstan Teo, Co-Founder, who share a profound passion for creating impact in our world, not only for today, but for generations to come. 

Rico Pang said “Launching the Deep Tech Impact Fund at the The Deep Tech Forum is a real honour and we are delighted to be able to reveal the vision and purpose of the fund that has been carefully crafted along with the SDG Impact Fund towards a sustainable future for humanity. 

The Deep Tech Forum event encourages the convergence of talent, knowledge and wisdom from different industry sectors within Deep Tech, whilst formulating immense and positive impact for the future.” 

To register and for the latest event updates including the announcement of new speakers and our finalised agenda, please visit: and follow us @Deeptechforum on Twitter, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

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The Deep Tech Forum is the world’s largest event focused purely on everything Deep Tech.Bringing together the industry leaders and world-renowned experts from the converging sectors of Artificial Intelligence,Nanotechnology, Space Tech, Quantum Computing, Robotics, and Smart Cities, to discuss and shape the future of Deep Tech space. The Deep Tech Forum has created a global technology community with the vision of seamless collaboration towards the betterment of our future generations.