ArtMeta is helping Art Galleries and Artists Move into the Metaverse

For art lovers, the world of art is about to get a digital upgrade by moving into the metaverse. With this new upgrade, users can walk through digital galleries and enjoy art within the virtual space. While art galleries and museums will still be around, the art world is beginning to adopt a more digital atmosphere, reflecting this shift in other institutions like museums. For the art world, this is all getting done thanks to ArtMeta.

ArtMeta is a metaverse platform that brings both artists and galleries into the virtual environment by helping them to tokenize and sell their artwork as NFTs. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many galleries suffered the loss of sales, as did many artists. To try to recuperate their losses, many of these groups are looking into virtual reality. The metaverse has become more popular thanks to the pandemic and has developed successful methods of commerce, including blockchain. With NFTs, it’s easy for metaverse users to buy, trade and sell their work, making the space seem more appealing to artists and galleries. For ArtMeta, the opportunity seemed perfect, as it looked to combine metaverse with art.

ArtMeta works closely with galleries and artists in order to train them on making and selling NFTs, as well as get insider knowledge on the NFT market. Many artists don’t know how NFTs work, so ArtMeta helps create a customized studio for them to develop high-end NFTs that the artists can sell for a profit. For art galleries, the metaverse presents an untapped market whose worth is posited at $2.4 billion. With ArtMeta’s team of art experts and their stunning virtual environments, galleries can easily learn and explore the new digital space. ArtMeta also works with art collectors to offer them an exclusive in with the artists and galleries, allowing these collectors to meet the creators and buy their art.

ArtMeta is also working to help the art industry authenticate their artworks by scanning them digitally. This allows the artwork to be archived easier and is more accessible to any user. ArtMeta also hopes to work with both artists and galleries about ownership rights. With digital art, the definition of ownership can be somewhat fuzzy. Having a company like ArtMeta to help with the ownership process, especially for NFTs, is beneficial for all involved. For all their products, the company has set up multiple virtual environments for users to enjoy. The environment was based on an “imaginary city conceived by painter Jonathan Delachaux and digital artist Romain Donnot.” Not only do artists, galleries, or art lovers get to see exclusive art, but also feel like they live in a painting.

According to the company’s CEO, Roger Haas, he hopes that ArtMeta will allow people to experience new things and learn more about culture and art. He sees ArtMeta as a platform that provides the cryptocurrency community with the highest quality physical art and verified digital art as NFTs. The company’s methods allow almost anyone to learn more about art, as well as purchase it, helping to break down the stereotype that art is only for the wealthy or elite.

ArtMeta’s success is, in part, coming from a giant shift in the museum and art gallery industry. Due to COVID-19, many of these institutions were forced to close, looking into virtual tours and other experiences for their patrons to enjoy.  Since then, many of these institutions are interested in creating metaverse exhibits and locations in order to make their work more accessible and engaging. With art galleries now looking to the metaverse, the trend of virtual exhibits and installations will no doubt continue and get more popular as time goes on.

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