5 Top Robotics Companies Changing Our World: Part 13

Time for part thirteen of the Deep Tech Insiders series on robotics companies. Just in case you haven’t been following this series, here is the link to the first part.

1. Indoor Robotics

Indoor Robotics is the creator of Tando, the first autonomous robot platform. Fuelled by the belief that by using robotics, humankind can create a better, more convenient world, the company’s patented technology leverages AI to perform independently everyday dull, dirty and dangerous tasks.

Based in Ramat-Gan, Israel, Indoor Robotics was founded in 2018 by Doron Ben-David and Amit Moran.

2. ASIMOV Robotics

ASIMOV Robotics is a single-window solution and services provider that engineers product solutions and consultancy in the areas like robotic simulation and control, machine-vision, training, virtual reality, and navigation applications.

It supplies robot and machine vision systems, control and simulation software, defence and space-based systems, navigation systems and solutions, virtual reality interfaces, educational robots, industrial robots, hobby and research robot kits, intelligent servo motors, sensors and sensor modules and other related products in India and neighbouring countries.

With headquarters in Kochi, India, ASIMOV Robotics was founded in 2012 by Jayakrishnan T and Saju G Namboothiri.

3. General Robotics

General Robotics is another Israeli company based in Moshav Beit Nehemya engaged in the development and manufacturing of advanced robotic platforms for the Defense and Homeland Security markets.

Its products are designed to meet the operational needs of infantry, SWAT and Special Operation teams, Law Enforcement agencies, and First Responders. It delivers high-end technologies at an affordable price to increase the survivability of all operational units.

General Robotics was established in 2009 by Ehud Gal whose career spans a variety of R&D roles, including the Scientific Deputy to the Head of the Defense Directorate for R&D (DDR&D).

4. Caja Robotics

The third Israeli company featured today, Caja Robotics is a Binyamina-Giv’at Ada-based startup founded in 2014 by Reuven Della Torre and Guy Glass.

Building flexible and modular robotic systems for unit picking that increase order picking efficiency and storage capacity of warehouses, whilst improving the work environment of warehouse employees, Caja achieves this without large investments in warehouse infrastructure, as the robotic system adapts to the warehouse and not vice versa, by using existing infrastructure like shelving, boxes and flooring.

To date, Caja has raised $26 million in external funding.

5. Forssea Robotics

Forssea Robotics is a smart ROV asset and services provider established in 2016 by Gautier Dreyfus and Maxime Cerramon to increase the productivity of underwater inspection and light intervention repeatable tasks.

The Paris-based startup has raised some €2.4 million in funding over one round.