The Non-Fungible Conference is a Revolutionary NFT Event, and We’re Attending!

The Metaverse Insider is proud to announce a media partnership with the Non-Fungible Conference  (NFC). The Metaverse Insider team will travel to Lisbon, the conference’s location, to cover the event in all its glory. The Non-Fungible Conference is a two-day event jam-packed with workshops, parties, panels, talks, and more.

The event will occur in the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes between the 4th-5th April and feature guests such as Sebastien Borget from The SandBox and Brian o’Hagan from SoRare.

NFC will be split into four separate rooms across the two days, featuring art, gaming, metaverse, and collectibles. Set in the scenic city of Lisbon, the event will host over one hundred speakers and artists and around one thousand attendees. The event will also include three art galleries, a shopping district, and even a cosplay event alongside the conference’s stellar lineup of guests.

However, the Non-Fungible Conference is more than a gathering. It is an experiment with bespoke art exhibitions and one-of-a-kind attractions, with attendees able to mint their NFT tickets using their Metamask wallet and even attend a SandBox jungle party.

At the Metaverse Insider, we will attend NFC, book interviews with key guests, and participate in events. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with NFC as a key media outlet at the event, and we cannot wait to bring you all the latest news from the conference.

If you want to meet up at the event, make sure to give us a shout. See you next week, from the sunny streets of Lisbon!

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