Stämm Secures $17M Series A Round

PRESS RELEASE — SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stämm, a biotechnology company developing an innovative biomanufacturing platform of continuous and autonomous production at an industrial scale, today announced closing a Series A, securing $17M. Stämm will use this funding to prepare for commercialization of its technology; to further develop biopharma partnerships into pilot-scale; to enhance its operational infrastructure; and to continue growing its 100+ team, deepening its international presence.

By mimicking nature’s use of laminar flow, characterized in fluid dynamics by liquid particles following a smooth path in adjacent layers with little or no mixing, Stämm has down-sized an entire biotech facility into an all-in-one, plug-&-play desktop unit: the Bioprocessor. With a network of microchannels directing cells as they multiply within a laminar flow, the Bioprocessor prevents the cells from colliding, removes cellular stress, and allows control over the microenvironment. As a result, this next-generation biomanufacturing platform will enable continuous and autonomous mammalian cell production, while dramatically improving ease of implementation and the economics of biomanufacturing.

Bolstered by the funding and with newly inaugurated bio facilities for microfabrication, cell line development, bioprocessing optimization, and Pilot Scale Qualification, Stämm continues on the path to becoming a one-stop solution, enabling biopharma pipelines for antibodies and cell therapies from discovery through commercialization.

The round was led by Varana Capital, along with existing and new investors Draper Associates, SOSV’s IndieBio, Decarbonization Consortium, Trillian LLC, New Abundance, Grid Exponential, VistaEnergy, Teramips, Cygnus Draper, Serenity Traders, and Dragones VC.

“With this most recent fundraise, we, along with the balance of investors, are excited to be a part of Stämm’s mission to decentralize the biotech industry, to digitize biomanufacturing in the cloud, and to enable democratized access to biotechnology products,” said Philip Broenniman, co-founder and Managing Partner at Varana Capital.

About Stämm
Stämm is a 100+ people biotechnology company dedicated to making biomanufacturing easy, scalable, and repeatable. We have developed the first methodology for continuous industrial production of biologics and cell therapies leveraging microfluidics and 3D printing.

Stämm mimics nature’s use of laminar flow to down-size a whole biotech facility into an all-in-one, plug & play desktop unit. Our focus is to decentralize bioprocesses and democratize access to biotechnology products, thus freeing our partners to focus on the disruptive discoveries that make an impact on people’s life.

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