5 Top Robotics Companies Changing Our World: Part 10

Time for another instalment of exciting robotics companies powered by the Deep Tech Insider. In case you haven’t read it from the beginning, here’s a link to the first one in the series.

1. ANSCER Robotics

ANSCER Robotics is a global robotics company based in Bangalore, India. Founded in 2020 by Ebin Sunny, its mission is to eliminate the common barriers in mobile robot deployment to allow businesses to easily reap the benefits of robotic technology and deliver value in any situation.

As a team of dynamic, driven roboticists, the startup has faced various challenges in our robotics journey and is committed to ensuring that the process of robot deployment is as smooth as possible for others. ANSCER’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) work safely in the same environment as people, taking over internal logistics tasks that are often too monotonous, challenging, or risky for humans.

2. Sastra Robotics

Another Indian company, Sastra Robotics builds and delivers Robotic solutions for human-like automated functional testing of real physical devices. Since being founded in 2013 by Aronin P, Achu Wilson and Akhil A, its products have been used by OEMs and service providers to expedite test cycles and reduce the time-to-market for their products.

With headquarters located in Cochin, India, today Sastra is among the Top 50 in the World, as per TiE Silicon Valley’s evaluation of Technology Startups in 2017.

3. Milrem Robotics

Milrem Robotics is a Tallinn, Estonia-based leading robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator established in 2013 by Kuldar Väärsi that provides innovative robotic solutions for challenging environments.

As respect for the value of human life is Milrem’s top priority, it aims to retrieve people from dangerous areas and liberate them from dirty, dull and dangerous tasks. Through its products and services, it seeks to increase human safety and labour efficiency in a number of targeted industries, particularly in defence, agriculture, forestry, municipal services, rescue and mining.

Milrem has raised some €5.5 million in funding over one round.

4. Ascent Robotics

Ascent Robotics is a unique and dynamic AI company, founded in Tokyo in 2016 by Fred Almeida and Masayuki Ishizaki. It develops intelligent solutions for industrial robotics and autonomous mobility.

Working in collaboration with its industry-leading partners, Ascent strives to deliver scalable and dynamic software to achieve true machine autonomy by leveraging cutting-edge research and development in AI, robotics and simulation.

Financially, Ascent has raised more than $10 million in outside funding to date.

5. UVL Robotics

Based in Menlo Park, California, UVL Robotics is a global provider of cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for logistics. Its autonomous drone solution for warehouse inventory management is fifty times faster than traditional methods, reducing operating costs by ten times and providing 100% accuracy.

Founded in 2018 by Eugene Grankin, UVL has raised a total of $2 million in funding over six rounds.