5 Top Robotics Companies Changing Our World: Part 7

Powered by the Deep Tech Insider, it’s part seven of a robotics series fresh off the press. Missed them all? Then here’s the link to the very first part published a few weeks ago.

1. Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics is a Berkeley, California-based startup on a mission to build AI-powered robotics that empowers employees to work smarter and safer, increasing the operational resilience of global brands.

It’s doing this by creating a more efficient supply chain by helping warehouse workers be their best — all with the support of AI-powered robotics.

Launched in 2019 by David Gealy, Jeff Mahler, Ken Goldberg, Matt Matl, and Stephen McKinley — world experts in robotic grasping from UC Berkeley’s Dex-Net Project to simplify logistics with adaptable AI-powered systems — Ambi Robotics has raised north of $30 million in funding over five rounds.

2. Matia Robotics

Matia Robotics is a company focused on improving the quality of life for people with walking disabilities and is made up of a cohort of expert inventors and engineers dedicated to the creation of innovative robotic mobility devices.

Since the team first came together in 2006, its goal has always been to develop technology that will help people — particularly people with walking disabilities. Matia designed the Tek RMD to add more freedom to the lives of individuals with paralysis, allowing them to live in places not designed for them, and to move more independently in the world.

After years of development, planning, and testing, the Tek RMD is Matia’s first product to hit the market. It debuted the Tek RMD in 2012, and with the buzz the company received from around the world, it then decided to take its Tek RMD to the global marketplace.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Matia was founded in 2006 by Necati Hacikadiroğlu and Ayça Hacikadiroğlu.

3. PAL Robotics

PAL Robotics, founded in 2004 when a small group of engineers built the first fully autonomous humanoid biped robot in Europe, is a leading company in biped humanoid robots based in Barcelona.

Its mission is to develop service robots that enhance people’s quality of life. The team is composed of passionate engineers who design, craft and customize humanoid robots to help organizations to the next level.

4. Rapyuta Robotics

Rapyuta Robotics is a Tokyo, Japan-based pioneer in cloud robotics, the internet for robots and connected machines to empower people in logistics and manufacturing founded in 2014 by Gajan Mohanarajah and Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy.

With an office opened in Bangalore in 2020, Rapyuta Robotics has raised a total of ¥3.9 billion in funding over five rounds.

5. Stanley Robotics

Stanley Robotics is a venture-backed company that offers a smart and high-density car storage solution for the airport and the car logistics industries. It consists of a full-stack solution, comprised of fully autonomous robots and intelligent storage management software. Its robots can take and move any car, lifting them by the wheels and block-parking them efficiently.

With headquarters in Paris, France, Stanley Robotics was founded in 2015 by Clément Boussard, Aurélien Cord and Stéphane Evanno. To date, the startup has raised a total of $4 million in external funding over two rounds.