Chalq is Raising $1.3M in Pre-Seed Funding to Become Leading NFT Marketplace for Beginners

Currently, the NFT market is full of dodgy advice and multifaceted concepts many do not understand. Therefore, it can be a minefield for those who want to invest in the industry. We often see poor investment advice on social media, explaining how you can make millions through NFTs. As a result, the NFT market needs education. Thankfully, some are on a mission to deliver education to the masses and provide them with the resources they need to properly invest in the industry. Those include Gabe Hill and Austin Dickerson of Chalq.

Gabe Hill and Austin Dickerson are a pair of co-founders raising  $1.3M in Pre-Seed funding. In order to take their Fintech Blockchain startup Chalq to market.

Gabe HillAustin Dickerson

Gabe Hill, Venture Capitalist and Investment Banker turned startup founder and Austin Dickerson, videographer and owner of content creation company Lux Productions, are setting out to do just that.

Chalq is currently creating a visual experience and education driven NFT marketplace through their custom Microlearning content and UI/UX friendly platform.

Chalq wants to de-confuse the NFT space by taking an education first and invest second approach. 

Putting Education First

Gabe Hill of Chalq, had this to say about their innovative NFT marketplace.

“We want to create a community of educated NFT buyers and sellers while becoming the leading NFT marketplace for beginners,” says Hill. “The Web3/Blockchain/NFT space is an incredibly fast-moving and extremely confusing space to understand at first. It’s crucial that there is a web platform out there where folks can learn first and invest second all on one platform.”

As a result, Chalq is set to become one of the first startups in the NFT EdTech space. It is becoming the leading NFT marketplace for beginners, putting education first.

The team hopes to take their NFT marketplace platform to market in the next 60 days. So be on the lookout! 

If you would like to learn more, you can contact Chalq directly at or visit their LinkedIn page.

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