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Orbital Insight

To understand our physical world, make solid insights from it which leads to reliable predictions, geospatial analytics and location intelligence are important tools because artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to solve some of society’s most intractable problems.

One platform doing a great job of this belongs to Orbital Insight. Founded in 2013 by James Crawford, the Palo Alto company and its GO platform has been designed to simplify the use of location data, allowing users to query the world with three basic parameters:

WHAT type of activity?

WHERE on earth?


The AI-powered platform automates the most difficult steps of deriving insights: allowing you to answer many challenging geospatial questions for object detection, land use and geolocation.

According to Orbital Insight, its proprietary set of industry-leading algorithms are applied to its curated catalogue of the best data sources available to ensure the highest possible accuracy, coverage and revisit. In-house experts are forever seeking new data sources, monitoring their usefulness while negotiating contracts so clients don’t have to.

Yet, that’s not everything, as the company also takes responsibility for cleaning and processing the data, making historical and real-time analysis instantly available.

And that must be worth something, don’t you think?

The GO platform can be applied to several industries like defence, intelligence and law enforcement, supply chain, energy and industrials, real estate and financial services.

On the financial side of things, Orbital Insight has raised a total of $128.7 million in funding over six rounds. And with backing from the likes of Clearvision Ventures, Google Ventures and Sequoia Capital, these partners are confident the company’s IP, team and motivation will make strides in the coming years, eradicating enterprise pain points with the application of geospatial intelligence.

James Crawford

Speaking in an interview with Forbes last April, James Crawford, Orbital Insights’ sole Founder, CTO and Chairman, said: “Businesses needed visibility into their supply chains — and the global factors that influence them — to compete effectively. Supply chain visibility remains largely a manual process based on incomplete, unreliable data. Companies piece together information from news services, social media and word of mouth. With answers to critical questions about production, pricing and distribution, businesses can anticipate change sooner and take informed action.”

James Crawford

The brains behind the whole idea, Crawford himself has two decades of experience leading innovative software projects: empowering farmers with climate data at the Climate Corporation, designing spacecraft in pursuit of the Lunar X PRIZE at Moon Express, making the world’s books searchable at Google, and managing robotics at NASA Ames Research Center. At Orbital Insight, he’s using his software expertise to create a whole new source of market data for all kinds of industries.

Crawford has authored over fifteen papers in referred journals and conferences and holds five patents and obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

Orbital Insight and companies like it are the future of processing satellite and aerial imagery. In turn, giving us a better understanding of the world around us.