Montreal Startup Saving The Planet With AI

Stopping The Rot

Did you know that 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from buildings and that HVAC systems are responsible for over 50% of those emissions?

To the layman, this statistic — particularly to those amongst us who own a house and with no or little conscience for the environmental state of our planet — is just that, well, a statistic.

The scary thing is, if we don’t stop the rot, these gases will only continue to rise, in the end having a catastrophic impact on our environment — and by that time it could be too late.

However, before all the doom-mongering comes to fruition, there’s a way to stop it via the route of deep tech innovation.

BrainBox AI, a Montreal, Canada-based startup founded in 2017 by Jean-Simon Venne and Angelos Vlasopoulos, is battling climate change by bringing innovation and cutting-edge AI to the built environment, making buildings smarter and greener.

BrainBox AI

Everything is due to BrainBox AI’s autonomous AI HVAC technology. It works by studying how your building operates and analyses the external factors impacting it, identifies every potential improvement opportunity and then acts on it. It requires no human intervention and reacts to changes in the built environment immediately to ensure the highest tenant comfort and energy efficiency, at all times.

BrainBox AI produces remarkable energy savings by using AI to continuously make micro-adjustments to your building’s existing HVAC system. It monitors a multitude of data points and then makes decisions about how to optimize the HVAC system in real-time. This process of continual monitoring, assessment, and adjustment can only be achieved with advanced deep learning methodologies and an understanding of the HVAC environment

 — Brainbox AI

One validation the startup’s technology and crack team are on top of their game is the $32.6 million in funding the company has raised over two rounds. Its latest, a $24 million Series A round led by ABB, was completed in October of last year.

Brainbox AI’s Co-Founder and CTO is Jean-Simon Venne. As a technology expert specializing in the fast and efficient migration of technological innovations to commercial applications, Venne has over 25 years of experience developing and implementing new technology to solve long-standing commercial issues in the fields of telecommunications, biotechnology, and energy efficiency.

Prior to joining BrainBox AI, he was responsible for the successful integration of M2M technology in over 200 Smart Buildings across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Venne holds a B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal and a Certificate in Logistics from the University of Georgia Tech.

Venne’s fellow Co-Founder and now a Strategic Advisor at BrainBox AI, as well as being the CEO of RealTerm Energy, is Angelos Vlasopoulos.

Vlasopoulos is a Certified Public Accountant and brings with him almost 20 years of corporate accounting, finance and operations experience in both private and public sector companies.

Previously, Vlasopoulos was a Vice President at Brookfield Asset Management and held the position of Chief Financial Officer of MediSolution Ltd. He has also worked at Deloitte & Touche LLP, and was most recently the President and Chief Executive Officer at Aeson Leeds Inc., as well as sitting on the Board of Directors of Pyrogenesis Inc.

BrainBox AI’s predictive AI is changing the face of energy transition, saving our planet for future generations in the process, and is sure to play an important role in this.