4 Medical Robotics Companies Creating Better Health Outcomes: Part 2

In the second and final part of robotics companies in the healthcare industry, we take a look at two US-based companies, one from Germany and an Indian company that offer image-guided interventional procedures.

1. Auris Health

Auris Health, acquired by Ethicon, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies in 2019, is based in Silicon Valley and is pioneering the next era of medical intervention by developing platforms that enhance physician capabilities, evolve minimally invasive techniques, and create new categories of care that redefine optimal patient outcomes.

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Frederic Moll, the company is committed to transforming medical intervention by integrating robotics, micro-instrumentation, endoscope design, sensing, and data science into one platform. Every element of our technology is driven by a patient-specific design aimed at maintaining the integrity of the human body.

Before its acquisition, Auris Health had raised some $73.5 million in funding over four rounds.

2. Vicarious Surgical

Vicarious Surgical was founded in 2014 by Adam Sachs, Sammy Khalifa, and Dr. Barry Greene. Inspired by the movie Fantastic Voyage in which doctors shrink down in size to travel within the human body, the founders’ vision was to enable surgeons to essentially do the same.

The startup, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, is revolutionizing the field of surgical robotics by seeking to improve the lives of patients, enhance the ability of surgeons, and expand worldwide access to high-quality care through the use of surgical robotics. Vicarious Surgical has reimagined what is possible by building a human-like surgical robot and combining it with the world’s first virtual-reality surgical camera to allow surgeons to perform minimally-invasive surgery with the ease of an open procedure.

Amazingly, Vicarious Surgical has raised a total of $185.2M in funding over six rounds since its founding.

3. Reactive Robotics

Founded in 2015 by Alexander Koenig, Reactive Robotics is the first company worldwide to systematically address the Very Early Mobilization of patients in the Intensive Care Unit with an intelligent robotics system.

Reactive Robotics’ solution complements manual therapy with an adaptive robotic system thereby making therapy more effective and helping patients recover faster.

The Munich, Germany-based company has raised a total of $1.5 million in funding over three rounds.

4. Perfint Healthcare

Founded in 2005 by Nandakumar Subburaman and Gopalkrishna Kulkarn, Perfint Healthcare is a world leader in planning and targeting solutions for image-guided interventional procedures and — together with physicians — is out to improve the quality of life of those fighting cancer and ain.

Bringing innovative advances to the field of image-guided therapies with its MAXIO ®, ROBIO® EX and NAVIOS products.

Based in Chennai, India, Perfint Healthcare has raised a total of $29.6 million in funding over six rounds.