4 Industrial Robotics Companies Making Science Fiction Reality: Part 3

In this final part of companies focused on industrial robotics, we will summarise what one Danish, one British and two American companies are doing in the space.

1. Life Science Robotics

Headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark and founded in 2014 by Lasse Thomsen, Life Science Robotics is a company developing innovative robotic solutions for the healthcare sector.

Its aim is to challenge the existing capability of patient progression while also providing a sustainable working environment for professionals. Life Science Robotics is also a specialist in rehabilitation robotics. Being the developers of ROBERT®, a revolutionary robot design for the mobilization of bedridden patients, the company is represented in Europe, Asia, and the USA by a growing network of professional distributors and is striving to become a reference point for the healthcare robotic solutions on an international level.

2. RedZone Robotics

The worldwide wastewater industry is plagued by a massive information deficit. Funds are scarce and vital decisions are being made with incomplete information. RedZone Robotics helps people, cities and the environment by giving wastewater managers the information and tools they need to make fact-based decisions on how to spend limited funds.

Based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania and founded in 1987, RedZone Robotics has raised a total of $46.5 million over eight rounds.

3. READY Robotics

Founded in 2016 by Ben Gibbs and Kel Guerin, READY Robotics seeks the builders who dream of creating a better world through automation. The startup has developed Forge/OS 5 as the first universal operating system for physical automation that enables the control of any robot or any device through a standardized set of APIs. It provides the toolkit for building software and products for the Robot Age. It built a core set of apps on top of Forge/OS, like Task Canvas. Task Canvas is the no-code interface that makes using robots as easy as using a computer.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, READY Robotics has raised some $41.5 million in funding over three rounds.

4. Q-Bot

Q-Bot develops intelligent tools using robotics and AI that can inspect, monitor and maintain the health of our buildings and infrastructure. Q-Bot’s mission is to transform the built environment with robotics and AI to become a global leader in construction innovation. Initial research efforts developed a method of applying under-floor insulation using a robotic device that has now been successfully commercialized.

Founded in 2012 by Tom Lipinski, Peter Childs and Mathew Holloway, the London-based company’s employees are a unique blend of engineers with Masters and PhDs in Science or Engineering and professionals with decades of practical experience in construction.

To date, Q-Bot has raised a total of $11.9 million in funding over nine rounds.