The Deep Tech Racket: Novak Djokovic Has Majority Stake in Deep Tech Startup

Novak Djokovic

Professional tennis player Novak Djokovic has a majority stake in a Deep Tech startup that is seeking cures for diseases, such as COVID, the startup’s CEO told Reuters.

The news organization reports that the 34-year old tennis star holds about 80% stake in the Danish Deep Tech firm, QuantBioRes. The firm’s CEO, Ivan Loncarevic, said the acquisition was made in June 2020, although he declined to reveal the total investment.

Djokovic has recently been making headlines not for his wins on the tennis court, or even as savvy Deep Tech angel investor, but for getting kicked out of Australia and the Australian Open for not being vaccinated.

QuantBioRes is working on using a peptide to inhibit the coronavirus from infecting the human cell. The company’s approach is something called Resonant Recognition Model (RRM).

According to the startup’s website: “The RRM is a biophysical model based on findings that certain periodicities/frequencies within the distribution of energies of free electrons along the protein are critical for protein biological function and interaction with protein receptors and other targets.”

The theories goes that once scientists find the right frequency for biological function, the scientists can design the correct peptides for the desired biological function, as well as find the right electromagnetic frequency to interfere with certain protein activity.

The site lists Irena Cosic as the company’s chief scientist and she has published on the model and published a book on potential treatments.

Loncarevic told Reuters that the company will launch its treatment — not a vaccine, he emphasizes — in Britain this summer.