5 Deep Tech Companies That Are Scaling Up: Part 1

From AI-Powered revenue generation to 3D printing, the startups listed here have some interesting takes on the hottest areas of Deep Tech. Let’s take a look:

1. PXL Vision

Starting life as a Swiss high-tech spinoff from the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), PXL Vision is a Swiss provider of best-in-class technology for scalable, configurable identity verification worldwide. Founded in 2012 by Michael Born, PXL Vision’s AI-powered solutions help businesses of any size to reduce the cost of customer onboarding and compliance, drive revenue and prevent identity fraud.

The company’s ultimate goal is to provide the most reliable, most seamless and quickest identity verification for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

To date, PXL Vision has raised a total of $4.8 million in funding over five rounds.

2. Roboze

Based in Bari, Apulia, in Italy’s deep south, Roboze was founded by Alessio Lorusso — the startup’s CEO — in 2014 to reshape the manufacturing industry and revolutionize the world of 3D Printing with the most precise technology, capable of processing super polymers and composite materials for the realization of finished functional parts to be used in the most extreme conditions and sectors.

The Roboze highly-technical ecosystem includes a complete range of advanced 3D printers for high temperature and high strength super plastics, developed with the collaboration of the best global players. It guarantees a real optimization of costs and time along the entire supply chain while bringing Additive Manufacturing closer to the standards of traditional manufacturing. Moreover, Roboze offers the chance to produce custom finished parts On-Demand and Just-in-Time through its manufacturing as a service global network, Roboze 3D Parts, that allows companies to reduce cost and time by shortening the steps in their supply chain and digitalizing their inventory.

3. Runecast Solutions

Headquartered in London, UK, with offices worldwide, Runecast Solutions is a leading provider of actionable predictive intelligence for the Hybrid Cloud. Its patented, award-winning Runecast Analyzer software, regularly lauded by IT experts, provides real-time, automated configuration and security compliance analysis for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and VMware.

In 2020, Runecast Solutions was named a Gartner Cool Vendor and won Computing Magazine awards for Best Place to Work in Digital and Cloud Security Product of the Year.

Founded in 2014 by Aylin Sali and Constantin Ivanov, Runecast Solutions has raised a total of €1.7 million in funding over two rounds.

4. Building Radar

Founded by Paul Indinger and Leopold Neuerburg in 2015, Munich-based Building Radar is powered by its market-leading Revenue Engineering core. Building Radar enables sales teams that sell solutions to discover and close their untapped revenue potential. Most companies in industry and construction are nowhere near reaching their full revenue potential. They generate most of their revenue through reactive sales methods such as trade shows, leads from their personal relationships or by waiting for tenders and direct approaches.

But the industry is changing. 

Companies that have been selling door closers for decades have transformed into suppliers of entry solutions, modular construction firms are replacing on-site installers, and more and more players from Asia or companies like Amazon are pushing into the European construction market. Therefore, traditional sales methods alone are not enough Through our work with hundreds of companies in this space, we have built a Revenue Engineering solution. Combining AI data insights, process excellence and talent development, Building Radar uncovers your untapped revenue potential and helps you to capture it by building a scalable and measurable sales pipeline.

Having already helped businesses like Schüco, Viessmann or Siemens close over €2 billion in untapped revenue, Building Radar has raised a total of $5.5 million in funding over six rounds fuelling its Revenue Engineering and Sales Execution Solution to scale clients’ Revenue Pipeline.

5. Squirro

Squirro marries data from any source with your intent, and a customer’s context to intelligently augment decision-making — right when you need it. Every organization benefits from our scalable Insight Engine to unsilo, connect, and synthesize all data types and generate highly valuable information. All of this creates a seamless, and bespoke insights experience that helps everyone in the organization save time.

Squirro works with global organizations, primarily in the financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries.

Customers include Bank of England, Standard Chartered, ING, Deutsche Bundesbank, European Central Bank, Radicant, Candriam, Armacell, and Ninety-One among many others.

A Zurich, Switzerland-based company, Squirro was founded in 2012 by Dorian Selz, Felix Hürlimann, Patrice Neff, and Toni Birrer and has raised a total of $11.5 million in funding over seven rounds.

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