German Engineering & Chinese Dynamism Create Industrial Power Tool That Can “See, Feel & Learn”

The Coming Together

It’s often believed that two heads are better than one, and this could be the case when it comes to business opportunities: take, for instance, when companies merge, creating a concern that, through the need to expand, develops further its market requirements and builds a symbiotic company that has changed the outcome of the new company from that of the previous two.

Such examples of this happening in real life have been witnessed with the mergers of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, Heinz and Kraft, Pfizer and Warner-Lambert, AT&T and Time Warner, Exxon and Mobil and — a real success story of the 21st century — the coming together of Disney and Pixar/Marvel.

With business culture, too, a merging of different approaches and modalities of thought can create something which is special, which is what happened at Yuanda Robotics, a startup founded in 2017 by Jens Kotlarski, Matthias Dagen and Tobias Ortmaier, German engineers getting together with the Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Group.

German and Chinese minds coming together, now that can’t be bad.

Yuanda Robotics

Committed to advancing the evolution of robotics and making robots accessible to everyone, Yuanda Robotics is leveraging its high level of competencies in this complex field to build products the team can be proud of.

The secret of the Yuanda Robot stands is the unique combination of advanced design and sophisticated technology. Designed in Germany by an international team of passionate experts, it sets out to define new standards in the quickly growing field of collaborative robotics.

The startup’s advanced sensor technology ensures safe collaboration with humans as well as the skillful handling of objects, while intelligent learning systems drive automated processes for a wide range of industries. The robot’s overall ease of use significantly reduces time and cost for setup and integration.

“Assembly in the morning, spray painting at noon, testing in the afternoon, packaging at night — quickly set up and deploy your robot to perform a wide variety of skills and workflows depending on your needs. 3C electronics, automotive, metal processing, or mechanical engineering — the Yuanda Robot is as unique and versatile as the task you assign to it.”

 — Yuanda Robotics

Designed for optimal ease of use which allows the user to configure and perform applications directly on their desktop computer or tablet with a minimum of time and effort, the visual programming interface offers clearly-mapped workflows valuable to experts and newbies alike and makes controlling the robot an easy task.

Some of the tasks where the Yuanda Robot is at home include:

• Pick and Place

• Machine Tending

• Packaging

• Quality Control

• Testing

• Screw Driving

• Assembly

• Dispensing

Whatever the task, the Yuanda Robot is as unique and versatile as the task you assign to it.

Jens Kotlarski is one of the three Co-Founders and CEO at Yuanda Robotics. With a Ph.D. in Robotics from Leibniz Universität Hannover, his expertise and leadership will be crucial for his startup’s future success.

Since 2017, Yuanda Robotics has raised a total of $22 million in funding over one round, giving the Hanover-based startup’s collaborative robot the financial boost it needs to travel markets and build up its customer base.

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