6 More Exciting Latin American Deep Tech Startups

In this edition, we have our first startup from Chile and a couple from Colombia and Brazil.

1. Cognitiva (Chile)

Cognitiva, founded in 2015, is a Chilean company based in Las Condes, in the Santiago Metropolitan area set up to accelerate and promote the digital transformation of companies through solutions that use AI.

During the last five years, Cognitiva has developed and implemented more than twenty digital assets and modular solutions in various industries, being pioneers in the creation of assets with this technology in Chile.

2. BlockFactory (Panama)

BlockFactory provides innovative solutions to customers at various ends of the scale and business spectrum. Its experience in the development of blockchain allows it to offer solutions based on blockchain and customized for applications in various industries. BlockFactory adds the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Big Data, and Virtual and Augmented Reality.

With its office in Panama City, Panama, BlockFactory was founded in 2018 by Walter Alvarez Sack and Fabián Chiera.

3. Brisa Robótica (Brazil)

Brisa Robótica is a Recife, Brazil-based startup founded in 2018 by Thiago de Freitas and David Bensoussan that has developed Windrose, a revolutionary solution to boost productivity in the Supply Chain world. The company’s Windrose Kits are the first all-in-one tool to automate vehicles and boost existing processes productivity.

4. Mutek (Colombia)

Mutek builds tech products powered by Big Data Architectures and AI. Its team leaders are experts in three main industries: logistics and transportation, retail and sustainability.

Founded in 2016 by Alejandro Celis, Mutek is based in Medellín, Colombia.

5. Umayux Labs (Colombia)

Another Colombian concern, Umayux Labs is a company dedicated to developing and deploying data-driven solutions using the latest knowledge in AI.

Based in Bogota, the nation’s capital, Umayux’s AI experts will analyze customers’ data and build custom-made models to solve their needs. These models can be deployed as cloud services with scalability, reliability and security.

Besides custom-made applications for its customers, Umayux plans to launch a few sets of AI-based platforms of its own.

6. Intelivix (Brazil)

Founded by Maurício Carvalho in 2015, Recife-based Intelivix is an AI for Strategic Legal Management startup that has revolutionized the way legal departments handle and analyze clients’ data. The only lawtech with proprietary end-to-end technology for data capture, extraction, analysis, AI, and Jurimetry panels via its MILA (Machine Intelligence Legal Assistant), the first robot legal assistant in Brazil with Artificial Legal Intelligence, created to process and strategically analyze millions of cases, can be implemented either on the courts’ websites or within the progress of the proceedings.

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