8 More Exciting Latin American Deep Tech Startups

In this edition, along with the usual suspects from Argentina and Uruguay, we have two companies from Central America, too, in Costa Rica and El Salvador, plus an interesting startup from Colombia.

1. MAIA (Costa Rica)

MAIA is an AI system startup headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica developed by the Grupo BG&A company to provide immediate, technical, personalized and permanent customer service, through any digital or telephone platform, in natural language, with total control of each interaction, and at a fraction of the cost currently invested in automating customer service.

Founded in 2018 by Maia Dunkel, MAIA is a unique innovative development in the world, mixing various AI technologies with local developments. This development has the potential to change the customer service of any activity, improving business results and benefits, and creating customer loyalty through immediate attention and problem-solving in a few seconds, 24 hours a day.

2. Nerv (Uruguay)

Nerv (previously ALAN, acquired by Delivery Hero) was founded in 2020 by Rodrigo Capdevielle and Sebastian Galli and is a Montevideo, Uruguay technology company that specializes in automated customer service. Nerv enables businesses to automate interactions at scale, enhancing the customer experience by providing seamless support with AI-powered virtual assistants.

Its solutions combine self-service with human and proactive support. As a result, the startup’s clients can manage high support volume effortlessly, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales. Through a consultative methodology, it identifies companies’ challenges and the best solution to achieve their goals. Nerv’s products include omnichannel solutions for banking, e-commerce, retail, utilities, fintech, and more. With high go-to-market speed and easy integration into existing enterprise systems, Nerv’s solutions have been implemented in +30 countries, three continents, and twelve different languages.

3. Dynamind Labs (Uruguay)

Dynamind Labs connects the dots between your business and the cutting edge in AI by providing the latest and most advanced solutions applying the state of the art in computer vision, NLP, and audio processing.

Like Nerv, Dynamind Labs is based in Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, and was founded in 2021 by Ignacio Ferreira.

4. TreeCloud (El Salvador)

Based in San Salvador, El Salvador in Central America, TreeCloud was founded in 2017 by Kevin Cruz and builds custom digital products using AI for government.

With an innovative and automated approach, TreeCloud smoothens the workflow to accelerate the growth of the organization by utilizing minimal resources.

5. DeepAgro (Argentina)

DeepAgro is a startup made up of a committed group of scientists, engineers, and designers imagining and building a smarter future for farming. Headquartered in Rosario, Argentina, DeepAgro applies state-of-the-art technology, including Deep Learning, Data Mining, and the Internet of Things to accomplish its goals.

It was founded in 2018 by Juan Manuel Baruffaldi, Juan Ignacio Cavalieri and Juan Ignacio Cornet.

6. BARQIA (Argentina)

BARQIA is a Cloud-Native Argentina-based startup founded in 2021 by Alejandro and Felipe Barquin and based in Buenos Aires.

Delivering high-quality Cloud and ML/AI services on-demand, with strongly qualified professionals, BARQIA’s goal is to combine the best of a company, in terms of work structure, efficiency and responsiveness, while at the same time being competitive on prices like freelancers or contractors.

7. Enterdev (Colombia)

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in the city of Medellín, Colombia, Enterdev has an extensive network of partners in countries such as Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Brazil. Focused on an information system for the robotization of RPA-type processes called Agility RPA, the platform allows learning the activities that a human being performs in a computational process, replicating these actions, seeking to empower the human being.

Agility RPA remains valid and in continuous evolution, being one of the first computer assistants created in Latin America, making Enterdev a pioneer in this technology.

8. Spinlock NMR (Argentina)

Spinlock NMR is a technology-based company focused on the development of Magnetic Resonance Equipment and new applications. The focus is on oil and gas and the food industry, but Spinlock also covers other industries like textiles or polymers.

With its research facilities in Argentina and offices in the United States, it employs a staff of highly qualified professionals from diverse areas of engineering, physics, chemistry and computer sciences, who were chosen, among other qualities, for their capability to be team players in a multi-disciplinary organization.

Spinlock has developed several analyses, process control and quality control devices currently being applied in the oil and gas, food and security industries. Spinlock holds diverse patents and has shared its knowledge in many international publications and forums.

Based in Malagueño, Córdoba, Argentina, the company was founded in 2003 by Dr. Daniel J. Pusiol.