Nerds of Logistics Pushing “The Boundaries of Innovation To Help You Move More With Less”

Billion-Dollar Market Cap

When you’re talking about a market that has a reported $700 billion-plus market cap that has — as of 2021 — not yet used technology to its full potential, you know that it is a wasted market opportunity. Because, somehow, that is the reality in the logistics and freight sectors as of today.

Realizing being an early mover here is essential to success, Loadsmart — a Chicago-based freight tech startup founded in 2014 by Ricardo Salgado and Felipe Capella — came about.

These ‘nerds of logistics’, as they like to call themselves, are looking towards intelligence in data to answer some of the problems that haunt the industry. Using a combination of Deep Tech approaches together with their own industry expertise, Loadsmart’s aim is to streamline operational complexity and strengthen the efficiency for freight specialists on land and at sea.

“Our strategy is not to impose off-the-shelf solutions to market players: to the contrary, we bring shippers and carriers to the table and build the best technology together with customers as true partners from beginning to end.”

 — Felipe Capella Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Loadsmart


It does this by giving clients access to its data connections, via a suite of award-winning solutions, that connect the requirements of supply and demand and, ultimately, strike a balance of cost and service in the logistical sector.

A win-win for everyone.

For shippers, Loadsmart offers three modes:

• Full Truckload

Price and book truckload shipments in seconds using Loadsmart’s free web-based platform Transit or integrate with Loadsmart Link and do it all from your native TMS or spreadsheets

• Port Drayage

Price and tender port drayage shipments in seconds at no cost on Loadsmart’s free, online platform. Improve visibility with real-time tracking and full integration with port operators, truckers, and warehouses. Control costs with automated empty management

• Multimodal Services

Loadsmart’s Multimodal Services offer bridges port drayage, transload, intermodal, and over-the-road truckload FTL and LTL shipping using advanced technology. Get seamless transparency across the entire lifecycle of your shipments — from the port to the transload facility, over-the-road trucks, and, ultimately, to your final destinations

As far as services go, Loadsmart offers Enterprise Shipping, SMB Shipping, TMS Integrations, Mode Optimization, and Data Insights.

When it comes to carriers, Loadsmart’s technology covers its proprietary loadboard, the fastest, easiest way to find the right freight to keep your trucks full, as well as a dedicated iPhone and Android app.

Meet The Nerds of Logistics

Ricardo Salgado is the first Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Loadsmart. An experienced engineering leader with a deep technical background and a passion for well-thought-out, scalable, highly reliable code, Salgado is able to bridge the gap between product and engineering requirements and has successfully managed large engineering teams around the globe using agile methodologies.

After a career in global finance, Salgado chose to build a company that addressed the inefficiencies in the freight space. He returned to his engineering roots and started to apply everything he learned at Goldman Sachs to Loadsmart.

Passionate about technology, innovation and improving the world, Salgado firmly believes in “learning by doing”. He is also energized about giving back in dynamic and collaborative settings. As a Georgia Tech alum, member of the Georgia Tech Foundation, ISyE Advisory Board and a “Mentor Jacket,” Salgado is able to participate in a thriving tech ecosystem that promotes creativity, entrepreneurship and progress.

Salgado obtained a B.S in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Along with co-founding Loadsmart with Salgado, Felipe Capella is also Loadsmart’s Co-CEO and responsible for all product strategy and development.

Capella previously advised companies on corporate strategy and M&A in Brazil and New York for 8 years. He joined the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington to advise on sovereign guaranteed development projects for Latin American countries, as well as founded, developed and launched an online contest startup.

Capella holds Master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil.

Financially, Loadsmart has raised a total of $146.4 million in funding over six rounds. The money, then, is helping the company’s transformative technology revolutionize transportation logistics and totally redefine the whole logistical lifecycle.

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