7 More Exciting Latin American Deep Tech Startups

Welcome, Ecuador!

After the last edition of this series was published a few days ago, the Deep Tech Insider will now feature seven more companies and startups disrupting technology and innovation in Latin America. This time, companies from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and — for the first time — Ecuador are included.

More to come soon!

1. Frasal (Uruguay)

Frasal has more than 25 years of accumulated experience in the IT market, which allows it to investigate and analyze the needs of its clients, in order to propose and develop, in an accurate way, solutions with high technological impact. Frasal provides innovative results to complex problems, making use of cutting-edge technologies, always focused on quality and the efficient use of resources. One requirement of the company is that its engineers have prior knowledge in areas such as AI, data science, and high-performance computing.

The startup was founded in 2019 by Daniel Frascarelli and is headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay.

2. Consensus (Argentina)

Don’t know if this one can be classed as a pure startup as it was founded way back in 2002 by Alejandro Peña: Consensus is a Buenos Aires, Argentina-based company of information technologies and systems integration, which markets and integrates software applications, software factory services, ML/AI research lab services, consulting, and Human Capital Outsourcing.

3. BAYTEQ (Ecuador)

Recognized by Stanford University for promoting innovation in Ecuador, BAYTEQ’s passion lies in the implementation of design thinking and new technologies to generate innovative solutions in multiple industries. Leveraging the IoT and AI to help companies incorporate this technology in a way that is practical, efficient, and offers an optimal cost-benefit service, BAYTEQ — another older company — was founded by Mauricio Bayas in 2003.

The company’s headquarters are based in Quito, Ecuador’s capital.

4. IThreex Global (Argentina)

IThreex Global is a technology company located in Córdoba, Argentina, specializing in Big Data, AI, Software Development, and Infrastructure.

It works to add value daily, increasing its operational efficiency through better use of IT resources and process improvement. IThreex Global was founded by Dario Yvanoff in 2011.

5. Neurotech (Brazil)

Number five on the list is Neurotech, a Brazilian company based in Recife, Pernambuco. Founded in 2000 by Domingos Monteiro, the company is a pioneer in the creation of advanced solutions for AI, ML and Big Data. Its mission is to transform a world of reliable and relevant information so that its clients obtain significant incremental results, foreseeing new business opportunities.

6. Digital Sense (Uruguay)

Digital Sense is a highly specialized Computer Vision and ML R&D studio with a world-class team of subject matter experts that have published over 175 peer-reviewed papers.

The company offers consulting and development services to companies facing complex tech challenges in need of solutions with a significant R&D component, and it applies its expertise to solve problems in a varied range of industries, such as AgroTech, Satellite Imaging, FinTech or Beauty Retail, among others.

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, Digintal Sense was founded in 2011 by Javier Preciozzi, Álvaro Pardo and Pablo Musé.

7. GO SHARP (Mexico)

Based in Mexico City, GO SHARP was founded in 2011 by Gustavo Gomes and offers solutions that accelerate business, reaching beyond traditional research by incorporating predictive models that allow millions of alternatives to be explored.

GO SHARP has created opportunities for AI to solve problems creatively and quickly achieve better business results by developing software based on multiple AI techniques.