9 Exciting Latin American Deep Tech Startups

Growing Number

Although the number of Deep Tech companies leveraging things like AI etc. is a lot less common in Latin America than in other regions, there is a growing number of startups developing exciting IP offerings that are just as good as what we can witness in North America, Europe and Asia, for instance.

To give some of the founders and teams working in Central and South America credit, the Deep Tech Insider will now present nine to the readers.

As the number of companies using AI, ML and Computer Vision is more than you probably think, this will be the first post of a series over the next few weeks.

1. eidos.ai (Uruguay)

Eidos.ai is an Uruguayan software development agency specializing in computer vision founded in 2020 by Marcelo Ortega. Passionate about AI progress and the new possibilities it enables, and though the startup has a strong academic background, it likes to keep it practical, always being close to the client and never forgetting the goal of bringing value to businesses via end-to-end ML and fast prototype ideas.

As a note, the Montevideo-based company is currently ranked on the Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Companies in Latin America on Clutch.

2. Cloud (x) (Argentina)

Cloud(x) is a software development firm designed to build AI and cloud solutions at the forefront of modern technology by working with AI development, cloud computing, Big Data, and automation.

Based in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, Cloud(x) was founded in 2017 by Johanna Giovannone and Pablo Romeo.

3. Pento AI (Uruguay)

Run by seasoned ML practitioners, Pento AI is an Uruguayan startup that leverages images and videos to power the next generation of products and solutions.

Pento was founded in 2019 by Fernando Suzacq, Pablo Soto and Leonardo Piñeyro and is based in Montevideo, the nation’s capital.

4. Marvik (Uruguay)

Another Montevideo-based startup, Marvik is an ML consulting firm founded in 2018 by Paula Martinez and Rodrigo Beceiro specialized in computer vision, predictive analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With a mission to help make AI seamless and ubiquitous by helping companies identify opportunities, leverage their data and make data-driven decisions to transform businesses’ realities, Marvik executes and delivers end‑to‑end state-of-the-art solutions using a wide range of technologies.

Marvik is also a Member of Google For Startups, NVIDIA Inception and AWS Activate programs as well as a deeplearning.ai ambassador.

5. Montevideo Labs (Uruguay)

No prizes on guessing where this startup is from. Founded in 2016 by Chief Engineer Máximo Gurméndez, Montevideo Labs is a top-rated data science and software development company, offering high-quality solutions across various industries. With over a decade of experience, its team of talented engineers works for top-rated US companies providing tailor-made solutions from design to deployment enabling clients to unleash their full data potential.

Recognized for its unparalleled business and work ethics, clients like Roku, Mastercard, Tripadvisor, Indigo Agriculture and Globalization Partners have trusted Montevideo Labs to lead key initiatives in the areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and critical integrations using the latest technologies.

6. Darwoft (Argentina)

Darwoft was founded in 2010 by Waldemar Krumrick and offers ML Development and Web Development for Telecommunications services.

Based in Cordoba, Argentina and Hillsboro, Oregon, the team consists of more than 100 developers who help redevelop and add AI functionality to a social media listening platform. They have worked in Azure and Angular, helping to improve the design, backend framework, and overall performance.

7. Flow Labs (Uruguay)

Along with its expertise in digital transformation and mobile APPs, Flow Labs’ ML and data science practices help companies build custom solutions to improve business realities by helping companies unlock their potential by making data-driven decisions and automatizing processes, all while reducing costs.

Headquartered in the Punta Carretas district of Montevideo, Flow Labs was founded in 2017 by Joaquin Anduano and Rafael De Marco.

8. We Are The Robots Inc (Mexico)

A Mexico-based startup founded in 2015 by Eduardo Ortiz Ramírez and Aftab Hussain Miranda, We Are The Robots Inc is more than a cool name, as it develops agile software development methods, targeting the intersection between customer needs and business goals, balancing aesthetics and functionality.

Experienced in REST APIs, Real-Time Search Engines, Single Page Applications and Content Management Systems, its 360 degrees approach integrates requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, implementation, and support for all ITS solutions, the startup is headquartered in Mexico City.

9. Indicium (Brazil)

Indicium is a Brazilian data startup founded in 2017 by Isabela Blasi Valduga and Matheus Dellagnelo. Based in Florianópolis, in the State of Santa Catarina, in the south of the country, Indicium creates data science and analytics solutions with proprietary methodologies, specialized teams, and modern technologies.

Its products and services focus on data, people, processes, technologies, transform business, and societal challenges into data solutions.

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