9 Deep Tech Marketing & B2B Sales Companies

Targeting & Segmentation

While stating artificial intelligence (AI) is the all-encompassing solution to solving all business problems, the reality is far more sobering, though true it will improve things considerably for automating integrations of data and be capable of making more rapid, real-time decisions. This is clear in the sector of marketing and B2B sales, where AI will be good for procuring actionable customer insights via focused targeting and segmentation and increasing lead generation competencies.

The Deep Tech Insider will now profile nine of the best companies around in late 2021 that use AI and machine learning (ML) for marketing and B2B sales purposes.

1. Aviso

Founded in 2014 by K. V. Rao, Aviso is a Redwood City, California-based company that helps sales teams close more deals with its proven revenue intelligence and operations platform, the Aviso AI Guidance Platform.

To date, Aviso has raised $46 million over four rounds and is trusted by successful sales organizations at leading companies, including Honeywell, FireEye, Microsoft GitHub, RingCentral, LaunchDarkly, and Marlin Equity Partners.

2. Clari

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform improves efficiency, predictability, and growth across the entire revenue process. Clari gives revenue teams total visibility into their business, to drive process rigour, spot risk and opportunity in the pipeline, increase forecast accuracy, and drive overall efficiency. Thousands of sales, marketing, and customer success teams at leading companies, including Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra, use Clari’s execution insights to make their revenue process more connected, efficient, and predictable.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Clari was founded in 2012 by Venkat Rangan and Andy Byrne and has raised a staggering $271 million in funding over seven rounds.

3. 6sense

Based in San Francisco, 6sense was founded in 2013 by Amanda Kahlow, Viral Bajaria, Premal Shah, and Shane Moriah. Its Account Engagement Platform helps revenue teams identify and close more opportunities by putting the power of AI, big data and ML behind every member of the B2B revenue team.

Since its founding, 6sense has raised a whopping $226 million over six rounds, giving its platform — which combines data and predictive analytics to solve the biggest business challenges — the cash needed to move to the next level.

4. Fusemachines

Fusemachines is an enterprise AI services and solutions provider on a mission to democratize AI. Headquartered in New York with operations across North and Latin America and Asia, Fusemachines brings together engineers and PhDs from around the world to help companies build innovative AI solutions. Fusemachines is also committed to bringing AI education, products, and jobs to underserved communities.

The company was founded in 2013 by computer scientist, educator and entrepreneur Sameer Maskey and has raised $7.9 million over three rounds.

5. Terminus

Terminus was founded by Eric Spett, a technology entrepreneur and investor, former company CEO and current board member, out of a need to give B2B marketing and sales teams a better way to go to market. The premise was simple: since only 1% of inbound leads became customers, it set out to build a solution to help marketers find their next best customer and give them everything they needed to create a conversation with them.

The Atlanta-based startup has raised a jaw-dropping $170.6 million in funding over seven rounds since its beginnings in 2014.

6. InsideSales (Aurea Software revived legacy InsideSales brand, retired XANT)

Founded in 2004 by David Elkington, InsideSales offers the leading Enterprise Sales Engagement Platform that accelerates revenue. With Playbooks™ from InsideSales, sales professionals increase productivity, optimize customer interactions, and connect to the right buyers. Playbooks manages lead follow-up and prospecting cadences, automates administrative tasks, and uses data to predict who, when, and how to engage buyers for the best outcome — all to set your sales reps up for success.

Using Playbooks, thousands of sales teams have been able to accelerate revenue using buyer behaviour data and AI — including Groupon, Dell, Sage, Ping Identity, Caesars Entertainment, Pluralsight, Motorola, Fidelity, American Express, and Athena Health.

7. Lattice

Lattice is a people management platform that empowers leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams that inspire winning cultures. With Lattice, it’s easy to launch 360 performance review cycles and engagement surveys, keep track of OKR/goals, gather real-time feedback, and encourage manager 1-on-1 meetings.

Founded in 2015 by Jack Altman and Eric Koslow, the San Francisco-based startup has raised an astounding $154.3 million in funding over eight, giving its people management platform the cash needed to develop and improve.

8. Anaplan

Another San-Francisco-based company originally founded in 2006 by Guy Haddleton, Sue Haddleton and Michael Gould in the UK, Anaplan sells subscriptions for cloud-based business-planning software and provides data for decision-making purposes is building a future where connected leaders and teams can constantly adapt, transform and reinvent their businesses.

In 2018, Anaplan went public on the NYSE under the ticker symbol PLAN. In total, Anaplan has raised a total of $299 million in funding over ten rounds. Coincidentally, in 2016 Anaplan became the second UK-founded company to achieve a $1 billion valuation, achieving unicorn status.

9. Tact.ai

Tact.ai is on a mission to help life science organizations nurture meaningful customer engagement through our human-friendly software. Its AI-powered engagement platform empowers field teams to work with their customers in new ways to drive better outcomes. Tact.ai is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and is backed by some of the world’s leading firms in venture capital, technology, and healthcare and life sciences, including Microsoft’s venture fund M12, Salesforce Ventures, Novartis, Lilly and McKesson Ventures.

It was founded in 2012 by Chuck Ganapathi and has raised a respectable $53.2 million in funding over five rounds.