Africa-founded Startup Targeting An “AI-first World”

Original AI Research

It’s not every day you get to talk about Tunisia-founded Deep Tech AI startup, so when the opportunity presents itself, I’m more than happy to oblige.

InstaDeep, founded as a bootstrap startup in Tunis by Karim Beguir and Zohra Slim in 2014, offers a host of AI solutions that include optimized pattern recognition and GPU-accelerated insights to self-learning decision making systems. With offices now in London, Paris, Lagos, Nigeria, as well as Tunis, Tunisia’s capital, InstaDeep is a proud representative of a Deep Tech startup from the Maghreb region of Africa and one of the first-ever African-founded AI companies to publish original AI research at NeurIPS 2018.


InstaDeep’s IP, then, consists of the DeepChain™ and DeepPCB™ platforms.

• DeepChain™

According to the startup, “DeepChain™ is an AI-accelerated protein design product that makes it easy to interact with state-of-the-art AI-Language Models for Protein Design such as Transformers. With the DeepChain™ Playground, identify key protein residues from an evolutionary perspective and discover the favoured mutation combinations from data-driven analyses. Refine and compare them with your own research in a few minutes.”

• DeepPCB™

DeepPCB™, on the other hand — currently in its beta version — is AI-powered, cloud-native PCB routing which allows users to design complex boards in less than 24 hours with no expertise needed.

With InstaDeep’s AI product stack, enterprises can unlock data insights, realize value and increase efficiency and speed across organizations, as the platforms have been designed around the customer’s data structure and software architecture, with industry verticals being served including logistics, mobility, manufacturing, and energy.

Karim Beguir, a Google ML Developer Expert, is the first Co-Founder and CEO at InstaDeep. He obtained an MSc in Applied Mathematics and Finance from New York University.

Fellow Co-Founder and Chief Web Officer (CWO) at InstDeep is Zohra Slim.

When it comes to the startup’s financial status, InstaDeep raised some $7 million in a Series A round in May 2019, led by Tunisian private equity firm AfricInvest and joined by Endeavor Catalyst.

On the investment, InstaDeep’s CEO Karim Beguir, said:

“Through our own cutting-edge research, we have developed a platform that goes beyond what we have seen in AI applications in the past. It can tackle challenging optimization and automation challenges in dynamic and complex environments such as, but not limited to, mobility, logistics, manufacturing and energy. We already see that our product is providing real value and ROI for our clients.

We want to grow an African AI success story and are on a mission to democratise Machine Learning in Africa. By partnering with AfricInvest, we can leverage their operational expertise and strong business knowledge on the continent, and together accelerate talent and positive use of AI.”

InstaDeep is a trailblazer for Africa when it comes to Deep Learning, high-performance AI solutions that can solve pain points for enterprises in computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and predictive analytics projects.

And the Deep Tech Insider hopes the great work they’re doing in AI may continue for a long time to come.

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