8 Deep Tech Customer Management Companies


For companies to be successful these days and keep the people who really matter happy and on side, customer relationship management (CRM) tools are an important factor and the employment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has enhanced the game even more.

To call attention to this, the Deep Tech Insider has compiled a list of eight doing some great work in this industry.

1. Clarabridge (acquired by Qualtrics)

Founded in Reston, Virginia in 2006 by Sid Banerjee but acquired by Qualtrics for $1.125B this year, Clarabridge helps hundreds of the world’s leading brands understand and improve their customer experience. Using advanced text analytics, Clarabridge transforms survey, social, voice, and all other forms of customer feedback into intelligence used to empower confident, decisive action across the business.

Since incorporation to the acquisition, Clarabridge raised a total of $124.9 million over seven rounds.

2. Inbenta

Inbenta is a global leader in a new class of enterprise AI and semantic search technology for e-commerce and customer support. Powered by natural language processing, Inbenta’s products are used by over 250 companies to drastically boost self-service, enhance customer experience, increase conversions, and cut down on support costs by helping customers find exactly what they need. Inbenta specializes in conversational chatbots, virtual assistants, e-commerce search, support ticketing, hybrid chat, and knowledge management.

Its AI and chatbot solutions understand customers in their own, colloquial language. By processing meaning rather than keywords using patented technology, we are able to intelligently direct customers to products, contents, and FAQs on your site before they try contacting your support agents. The result is a positive, streamlined customer experience that enables customers to complete tasks comfortably and quickly.

Inbenta was founded in 2005 by Jordi Torres and is based in Sunnyvale, California. Overall, Inbenta has raised $5.4 million in funding over two rounds.

3. CogniCor

Having only raised some $800,000 in funding over seven rounds, CogniCor is a digital financial companion whose CIRA — a patent-pending DIY platform that enables enterprise users to launch intelligent Digital Assistants in weeks without writing a single line of code — fundamentally transforms the financial services sector to reach exponentially greater levels of growth, efficiency and service outcomes.

CogniCor was founded by Sindhu Joseph and Rosh Cherian in 2018.

4. Kasisto

Kasisto was founded in 2013 by Dror Oren, Zor Gorelov, Sasha Caskey, and Ruth Brown and is headquartered in NYC. With the vision of enabling companies to engage and transact with their customers through intelligent conversations, anytime, anywhere, Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, KAI, offers enterprises a comprehensive AI technology stack combined with industry-specific domain expertise to make intelligent digital assistants well versed in the businesses they serve. As an SRI International spin-off, Kasisto leverages decades of research and development in artificial intelligence. KAI Banking enables financial institutions to add virtual assistants and smart bots to their mobile apps and leading messaging platforms. With an emphasis on great user experience, KAI-powered virtual assistants and smart bots are easy to implement, customize and maintain.

Kasisto has raised an impressive $66 million in funding over eight rounds to date.

5. Interactions

Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly combine artificial intelligence and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations. With flexible products and solutions designed to meet the growing demand for unified, multichannel customer care, Interactions is delivering significant cost savings and unprecedented customer experience for some of the largest brands in the world.

Founded in 2004 by Michael Cloran and Michael Iacobucci, Interactions is headquartered in Franklin, Massachusetts with additional offices in Indiana, New Jersey and New York.

As far as funding information goes, Interactions has raised a healthy $162.8 million over eleven rounds.

6. ActionIQ

Based in NYC, ActionIQ was founded in 2014 by Nitay Joffe and Tasso Argyros and assists F500 companies to connect their first-party customer data, orchestrating cross-channel campaigns, and measuring incremental lift across all digital and offline channels.

Backed by the likes of Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Bowery Capital, and FirstMark Capital, ActionIQ has raised $144.7 million over five rounds. Its latest, a $100-million Series C round, was completed in March of this year.

7. Wise.io (acquired by GE)

Damian Eads, Dan Starr, Henrik Brink, Joseph Richards, and Joshua Bloom founded Wise.io back in 2012, although it was acquired by GE Digital four years later. Now it builds machine learning-powered applications on top of GE’s data assets by providing a technology platform, methodology and the expertise to integrate high-performance, secure and reliable machine learning into mission-critical industrial applications.

Business value is realized by improving the quality of the outcomes or efficiency of the data-driven business processes. Wise.io’s team built a successful start-up business by putting sophisticated ML systems into production at scale. Now it is leveraging its ML application platform to drive massive value in a range of data-driven use cases across the various GE business units. Wise.io’s solutions are running in production at companies that range from Silicon Valley startups to the largest Fortune 500 corporations.

Before being acquired by GE, Wise.io had raised $2.6 million over three rounds.

8. LivePerson

A public company, LivePerson makes life easier for people and brands everywhere through trusted Conversational AI. Its Conversational Cloud platform empowers consumers to stop wasting time on hold or crawling through websites and message their favourite brands instead, just as they do with friends and family.

Its 18,000 customers, including leading brands like HSBC, Orange, GM Financial, and The Home Depot, use LivePerson’s conversational solutions to orchestrate humans and AI at scale and create a convenient, deeply personal relationship — a conversational relationship — with their millions of consumers.

LivePerson was founded in 1995 by Robert LoCascio. In April 2000, the company completed an initial public offering on the NASDAQ. With revenue of over $290 million as of 2019, it was named to Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2020 and is a founding member of EqualAI.