Mantium Raises $12.75 Million in Seed Funding to Make AI More Accessible

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Mantium announced they received $12.75 million in seed funding co-led by Drive Capital and Top Harvest, according to a news release.

The company, which is developing technology to set a new standard for the accessibility of AI, also launched the GA beta release of its cloud platform for building with and managing large language models. The platform powers innovative applications built with the world’s leading AI providers including OpenAI, EleutherAI, AI21 and Cohere with more, such as Hugging Face, expected to be added soon, according to the release.

 “Mantium is one of those companies where you get excited by the possibilities that the technology enables,” said Adam Ghobargh, founder of Top Harvest Capital and former longtime executive at Google and Google Ventures, “and you’re equally excited by the team behind the tech. Mantium is not only making AI easier to build with. They’re also making sure the future of AI has the appropriate safeguards.”

According to the company, Mantium tech can help users publish live prototype applications with the click of two buttons. These users can stay compliant with safety and security requirements with built-in logging and automated filtering means.

Without deep knowledge in data science and subject matter expertise, AI is largely shut out from a vast number of people and organizations. It’s a gap Mantium hopes to bridge.

“There is massive potential for innovation with AI, but we need to make it easier and faster for developers and creatives to get to deployment,” says Ryan Sevey, CEO and Co-Founder of Mantium. “With Mantium, we are making it possible not only for anyone to use large language models and AI to build something, but you can get to prototype faster, share it with your community, all while maintaining the most stringent safety and security measures. We’re going to see the next wave of technological breakthroughs come from artists and creatives who, with the power of Mantium, can now play and build with AI.”

The company believes that the more people who use AI responsibly, the greater the power will be used to create helpful products and services. There are numerous use cases and potential use cases for AI, ranging from generating new music by parsing terabytes of data from millions of songs to producing actionable insights for businesses across a variety of industries, according to the release. The company adds that AI can be deployed to extract information from patient medical records, classify intent for retail call centers and banks, generate synthetic data, and more.

“Mantium is exciting because of its potential to make AI more accessible and help deliver on its biggest promises,” said Andy Jenks, Partner, Drive Capital. “The technology was certainly impressive, but it was the team that really sold us on Mantium and their vision for the future. Next generation AI will not only improve and optimize customer experiences, but more importantly solve some of the world’s most critical issues.”

The company’s approach to safety and security, and the role of third-party developers can help keep the large language model ecosystem, as well as the broader AI space, on track.

“At Mantium, it’s our job as a collective to make sure AI advancements benefit humanity as a whole,” said Sevey. “A robust third-party ecosystem will help ensure, as Mantium does in our platform, compliance with the rapidly changing security protocols for the countless large language models coming to market in the near future .”

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Mantium is a cloud platform for deploying large language models and managing them at scale. We power innovative applications built with OpenAI, Eleuther, AI21, Hugging Face and Cohere.

Absolutely anyone can use Mantium. We make it possible to publish a live prototype with the click of literally 2 buttons. Whether you know how to program or not, go-live requirements are tedious at best. We make it easy to share what you’ve built with friends, colleagues, and the general public. From POC to production, Mantium ensures you spend more time on your model, not its management.

Mantium is a fast-growing team of entrepreneurs and technologists passionate about democratizing AI safely and responsibly. We’re proudly headquartered in the U.S., with colleagues spread around the world, from South America to Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.