Blue Hexagon’s DL Cloud Threat Detection & Response System Asset For Cybersecurity

Blue Hexagon

When a company can gather top experts in cybersecurity, deep learning (DL) and software optimization, you know you’re in for something special.

And with Forbes AI 50 startup Blue Hexagon, founded in 2017 by Nayeem Islam and Saumitra Das, you get just that.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Blue Hexagon is a DL innovator of Cyber AI that has the capabilities to “stop cyber adversaries and malware at sub-second speed.”

Its next-generation AI-based Network Threat Detection and Response system does this while operating at 10G wire speed and harnesses the power of DL to deliver threat detection in less than a second.

Blue Hexagon offers three products:

• Agentless Cloud Security for AWS

• Agentless Cloud Security for Google Cloud Platform

• Blue Hexagon for Azure

There are too many technical details to go into this short post, but the products on offer can, according to Blue Hexagon:

intelligently identify cloud misconfigurations and defend cloud assets, at runtime, without the burden of deploying and managing agents. […] There are a variety of visibility, compliance and threat defense use cases, and numerous industry challenges in the cloud that Blue Hexagon Real-Time Deep Learning can uniquely address

With financial backing from the likes of Altimeter and Benchmark, Blue Hexagon has raised a total of $37 million in funding over two rounds, proving venture capitalists believe in the products and their applications.

Furthermore, they must have confidence the two co-founders have something special, too, which they have.

Deep Blue Connection

As CEO of Blue Hexagon, Nayeem Islam is well known as a pioneer in security and internationally recognized as such in 2017 when he was the co-recipient of ACM POPL’s 2017 Most Influential Paper award. His paper foresaw JavaScript security problems in 2007, long before the industry had taken notice.

The author of a best-selling book and over 40 referred papers, he holds 80 patents in a wide range of fields from ML optimizations to security

“Our mission is to continue to develop the technologies needed to level the playing field against the bad guys.”

–Nayeem Islam, CEO & Co-founder, Blue Hexagon

Prior to Blue Hexagon, Islam was VP and Head of Qualcomm’s R/D group in Silicon Valley where he led an award-winning team building deep learning sensors and security products. He pioneered optimizations for a large family of machine learning algorithms on mobile phones, including deep learning. He led the team whose innovations were a key part of Qualcomm’s patent portfolio. Additionally, Islam was an executive at NTT DoCoMo, Amazon and IBM. At NTT DoCoMo and Amazon he pioneered innovations in mobile software. At IBM he designed and implemented the scheduling software for the SP supercomputers that were used in advanced applications including the chess program called Deep Blue that defeated the world chess champion Gary Kasparov.

Deep Blue chess computer. Source: Wikipedia

Islam obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The second founder is Saumitra Das, who is also the startup’s CTO. He has worked on ML and cybersecurity for nearly twenty years.

As an engineering leader at Qualcomm, he led teams of ML scientists and developers in the development of ML-based products shipped in hundreds of millions of devices from phones to wearables and IoT. He has also worked on machine learning and security at US-CERT, Intel and Microsoft Research.

A prolific inventor, Das has 368 worldwide and 163 US granted patents and an additional 400 patents pending. He has published peer-reviewed original research extensively (15 journals, 26 conferences, two book chapters, IETF networking standards contributions) with more than 2400 citations including a best paper award.

He received a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

Agentless cloud-native AI Security platforms are here to stay, and for those individuals in charge of enterprise security, being able to measure compliance, privacy, security issues, and cloud-migration risks in a much better way is priority-task numero uno.

Blue Hexagon looks like it has that covered.