What is Deep Learning and Why Should You Invest in It?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is software with amazing capabilities. Within AI lies machine learning, which uses algorithms to “learn” how to improve in analytics by using data inputs. Machine learning may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but it’s been able to help in areas like medicine, finance, and even law enforcement. A subset of machine learning is deep learning.

While deep learning and machine learning may seem similar, they have key differences that make them unique. Deep learning is different from machine learning specifically by the data it analyzes and the methods it uses to learn. According to IBM, deep learning can “learn” which features are the most important in data processing, which removes the need for a human expert. Machine learning, in contrast, needs the input of a human expert to do proper analytics.

Both deep learning and machine learning use a similar software system, called Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). These ANNs simulate the behavior of the human brain by “learning” from large amounts of data, The ANNs are made from layers of interconnected nodes or computers. Each layer of nodes builds on the one before it, perfecting analysis from the input layer (where the data is inputted) to the output layer (giving final predictions or analyses). While the ANNs analyze data, a process called backpropagation can calculate errors in the deep learning predictions and adjust the ANNs accordingly. This helps minimize human intervention in the process. Because deep learning is so complicated, it takes a lot of computing power to function, which can make it more expensive.

Deep learning is an excellent investment opportunity for any potential investor because it can be applied to an unlimited number of industries. It is currently being used by law enforcement to help identify possible criminal activity, and help police analyze crime scene data faster and more accurately. Financial institutions use deep learning to help analyze stocks faster and detect possible fraud. Deep learning is also helping hospitals and doctors by analyzing medical data faster. Investors hoping to make a positive impact on our future should consider deep learning as an investment viable opportunity within deep tech.


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