Austin’s SparkCognition Catalyzing Growth With AI

Analyze, Optimize & Learn

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in all aspects of our lives, one area where the positive disruption can be particularly felt is in manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

Taking full opportunity to capture the moment, companies have come into being — partly out of the talented teams with the correct skillset to execute — that have the intellectual capacity, drive and determination to become market leaders providing services that employ predictive analysis AI and other modalities to predict all eventualities.

SparkCognition, an award-winning Austin, Texas-based AI solutions startup, has partnered with “the world’s industry leaders to analyze, optimize, and learn from data, augment human intelligence, drive profitable growth, and achieve operational excellence.”


Founded in 2013 by Founder and CEO Amir Husain, SparkCognition offers solutions in these industries:

• Renewable Energy

• Aviation

• Manufacturing

• Cybersecurity

• Defense

• Financial Services

• Oil and Gas

• Maritime

• Power Generation

With a seemingly wide net in terms of industry scope, skeptics could think SparkCognition is stretching itself out a little too far.

But its deep learning-based products

are agile and can streamline operations of any size, making it easier to accomplish goals and meet objectives in an expedited manner. These machine learning solutions can run on public and private clouds or at the edge, and are seamlessly delivered to a client’s device of choice

Lucky for some, SparkCognition’s seven products seem like the real deal, and with a client list that includes Apergy, Boeing, Aker BP, Honeywell Aerospace, and Flowserve, the company must be doing something right.

First, we have the Darwin®, an ML platform that accelerates data science at scale by automating the building and deployment of models.

DeepArmor®, on the other hand, has trained on millions of malicious and benign files and provides industry-leading protection against a broad spectrum of threats.

Next up is DeepNLP™, a scalable solution that uses deep learning to deliver human intelligence at machine scale to your documents.

A comprehensive, AI-powered asset management platform for clean energy, Ensemble™ is an interesting one as it leverages SparkCognition’s deep renewable energy industry expertise and experience to detect sub-optimal energy production and alert staff to remedy the situation before costs mount — this can lead to an increased ROI.

Maana™ is a platform that transforms enterprise knowledge into decision intelligence.

Need to transform market-making activity and investment processes? Then the augmented intelligence platform Orca™ is just what the doctor ordered. Its customizable AI engine utilizes reinforcement learning to empower trading desks to radically increase their capacity and ability to manage risk using real-time market information and AI-driven execution to unlock value and efficiencies at scale.

Finally, there is SparkPredict®, giving the customer total asset protection and optimization by learning from sensor data.

By using cognitive analytics for its patent-pending ML and AI proprietary algorithms, SparkCognition is already one of the sector’s brightest stars.

SparkCognition is in a good place financially too, having raised some $163.6 million in funding over seven rounds, with the likes of March Capital, Verizon Ventures and the DOE with skin in the game.

The CEO and Founder of SparkCognition is AI entrepreneur Amir Husain. With a BS in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin, Husain launched web services company Kurion in 1999, which was acquired two years later by iSyndicate, then the largest internet content syndication company.

A year later, he set up his second startup, Inframanage. This company then merged with ClearCube Technology. Husain became CTO at ClearCube, and later, CEO of ClearCube’s software spinoff.

In 2018, Husain became CEO of SkyGrid, a joint venture between Boeing and SparkCognition aimed at developing an aerial operating system that uses AI and blockchain technology to integrate autonomous cargo and passenger aircraft into the aerospace industry.

In 2020, Husain joined the inaugural Board of SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), the world’s first full-spectrum AI company devoted entirely to government and national defence.

With a plethora of awards, patents (33 awarded patents, plus more pending) and achievements throughout his career — among then being named Top Technology Entrepreneur of the Year by the Austin Business Journal, listed as an Onalytica Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Influencer, the Austin Under 40 Technology and Science Award in 2016, and a finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 — Husain is also the author of The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence (2017), a book which explains how we can live amidst the coming age of sentient machines and AI.

Before we go, let’s give the last word on the most important person in the SparkCognition story, Amir Husain:

“Since SparkCognition’s inception, our mission has been to create value for our clients by delivering advanced AI technology to the world’s largest industries, such as energy, aviation, shipping and logistics […]”