AI & Human Security Surveillance Out To Prove It’s A Winning Combo

AI-based Home Security

The Internet of Things has made securing your property with either a home security camera or a smart doorbell or both easier than it has ever been. With just a little upfront investment for the equipment and a monthly ongoing subscription fee, you can protect your property from any potential Wet Bandit.

Technology companies and startups ADT Security Services, SimpliSafe, Ring, and Nest Secure offer a range of services supplying video doorbells and outdoor motion-detecting cameras, as well as, in many cases, 24-hour-manned security surveillance services and an online platform via an app that allows social sharing of captured footage.

With the global home security systems market valued at USD 53.6 billion in 2020, expected to reach $78.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 8.0%, according to a MarketsandMarkets report, many willing entrepreneurs can see the potential to make money and a name for themselves.

Still, some are doing it but doing it in their own way, like Deep Sentinel, a Pleasanton, California-based pioneer in AI-based home security.

Deep Sentinel

Founded in 2016 by Dave Selinger and Winston Chen, it’s all about Deep Sentinel’s intelligent AI crime prevention system that has transformed home security from false alarms and useless post-crime alerts to real-time crime prediction and prevention, while providing the only security system on the market that promises the experience of a personal guard at every customer’s property.

“I can see Deep Sentinel being a public, $50 or $100-billion dollar company in 10 years, [and] that’s what I’m focused on every day.”

 — David Selinger, CEO, Deep Sentinel

So, what’s under the hood of the Deep Sentinel AI System?

In short, it’s the flawless pairing of AI with human intervention:

•Deep Sentinel Yard Sign

• Camera Detects Motion

• Artificial Intelligence Assesses the Situation

• Guards Engaged

• Guard Evaluation

• Guard Intervention

• Law Enforcement Contacted

With products that include the Deep Sentinel Wireless Security Camera, 4K Power-over-Ethernet Security Camera System, and several accessories available, the company’s security surveillance gear helps prevent home intrusion, auto tampering, trespassing, vandalism, package theft, and loitering.

David Selinger, Deep Sentinel’s Co-founder and CEO, says he is building an amazing team to provide consumers with the security and safety they need and expect at home by using the company’s proprietary approach to ML to predict crimes before they happen so we can actually prevent them.

Selinger, an early Amazon employee as a Software Manager of Customer Behaviour Research, co-founder and CTO of Redfin has been a co-founder, early employee or advisor to just shy of twenty Silicon Valley startups during his career.

He received a BS in Computer Science studying Robotics research at Stanford University

Deep Sentinel’s other Co-founder’s story is equally engaging: Winston Chen, a former Principal Architect and Engineer at the Deep Sentinel until he left in 2020 to set up gaming industry startup Aionic Labs, is a full-stack engineer and tech leader with years of startup-paced prototyping, productization, and scaling experience.

Chen has skills in almost all the engineering functions that a modern software engineering team requires: compiler, web, customer support, DevOps, embedded software-hardware integration, platform engineering, machine learning, building and running teams. In the last four years, Chen has been building out technologies with video/audio/data streaming, computer vision, and AI across different devices and players has been my specialization.

He has a BS in Computer Science and Information Engineering from the National Central University, China.

Financially speaking, Deep Sentinel has raised a total of $23.4 million in funding over four rounds.

In an interview on CNBC Make It with journalist Tim Huddlestone Jr in August, Selinger had this to say about his startup’s money matters: “I can see Deep Sentinel being a public, $50 or $100 billion-dollar company in 10 years, [and] that’s what I’m focused on every day.”

Deep Sentinel is definitely on to something, with its groundbreaking AI-based home protection that is both a reliable and cost-effective way to protect customers’ homes and stop burglary and other crimes, leaving those who purchase the company’s services with peace of mind.