5 Women in Artificial Intelligence Leadership Roles

Artificial intelligence or AI, has become a growing sector in recent years, due to its applications in various industries. AI has been used in medicines, predicting crop yields, modeling climate changes, and many other processes. From its use, many startups have arisen, marketing innovating technology. These companies, both big and small, have employed skilled individuals to bring in success.

Below are five accomplished women who serve in different leadership roles for their artificial intelligence companies. From CFO to president to director, these women use their talents and skills to oversee the growth of their corporations. There are many other women who are in the AI industry. Many of these women are developing the AI software, marketing it, or upgrading it. We at Deep Tech Insider chose to highlight a few specific individuals who oversee the whole process, and whose leadership skills allow them to generate success.

Colette Kress of Nvidia

Nvidia has been in the news for quite a while as a big name in the AI industry. With Colette Kress as its executive vice president (EVP) and chief financial offer (CFO), Nvidia offers great leadership skills. Kress’ career in tech corporations is wide-ranging, as she worked at Microsoft for 13 years, and before that, worked at Texas Instruments. She’s held finance roles for 25 years within tech companies.

Christina Kosmowski of LogicMonitor

As president of the AI company LogicMonitor, Christina Kosmoski gets to see the whole process. She has had years of experience in the tech industry, working 15 years at Salesforce, then moving to Slack, before becoming the president of LogicMonitor. Her position allows her to lead the R&D process of AI, as well as marketing and customer partnerships.

Aindrea Campbell of Zymergen

Zymergen is one of the trendiest AI companies and has Aindrea Campbell as its chief manufacturing Officer (CMO). Campbell has over 20 years of leadership experience when it comes to manufacturing within Fortune 100 brands. Before becoming CMO, Campbell was the senior director of iPad Operations at Apple.

Nayaki R. Nayyar of Veritone Inc.

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Veritone Inc. is a Colorado-based AI company that continues to offer promising investment opportunities. Nayak R. Nayyar sits as a board member and director within Veritone Inc. She is well qualified, with almost 20 years of leadership experience in software corporations. Her technical knowledge of cloud software makes her a valuable asset to any AI company.

Shivani Govil of CCC

Combing deep learning and AI, CCC is marketing its software specifically to insurers, with great success. As senior vice president and chief product officer of CCC, Shivani Govil leads the team to develop creative and innovative solutions. Govil has had years of leadership experiences including at Oracle, SAP, and Sage software.

Without inspiring and engaging leadership, most companies cannot succeed. These AI companies illustrate the valve of innovative leaders who can foster advancement and interest in cutting-edge technology.


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