Honeywell Quantum Solutions Says It Can Now Detect and Correct Quantum Errors in Real Time

A team of Honeywell Quantum Solutions say they were able to perform quantum error-correction in real time, which they add is a significant step toward demonstrating the viability of large-scale quantum computing on trapped-ion quantum computing technology. The quantum error correction (QEC) protocols are necessary to detect and correct errors in real time on a quantum computer, the team writes in a company statement. Currently, most quantum error correction methods involve correcting errors or “noise” after the procedure has finished running, a technique known as post-processing. Because quantum computers are […]Read More

GEMS Secures 50M Investment Commitment From GEM

PRESS RELEASE — HONG KONG, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GEMS is honoured to announce its new $50 million Investment Commitment from GEM Digital Limited (‘GEM Group’), a digital