Deep Scientific Expertise in Materials Science & ML Key For Toronto Startup Creating High-Performance Alloys

New Alloys

Using artificial intelligence (AI) for modelling, discovering, and optimizing purposes in material science and metallurgy is a method growing in popularity, especially when it comes to creating things like new alloys for manufacturing processing.

One such company taking advantage of this is Phaseshift Technologies, a Toronto-based startup that is developing machine learning (ML) and computational chemistry to create high-performance alloys via its unique software stack.

“Traditional R&D of advanced materials has been an expensive and time-consuming process, mainly due to expensive tools and researchers along with the uncertainty that R&D carries by nature. We want to change that by incorporating AI in the process. AI will enable us to predict material properties before a sample can be tested in the lab, empowering us to make informed decisions and minimize uncertainty. This will eventually improve the ROI on materials by making the process cheaper and shorter, along with materials that are highly optimized and perform better. The materials Phaseshift will develop using its tools will not only outperform its competition through better performance but also enable engineers to realize applications that would otherwise be infeasible through conventional material choices.”

 — Fazal Mahmood, co-founder & CEO, Phaseshift Technologies

Phaseshift Technologies

Founded in 2019 by Fazal Mahmood, Gurjot Dhaliwal and Abu Anand at the seed-stage program at the Creative Destruction Lab, Toronto, Phaseshift Technologies’ also maintains collaborations at the Materials Science & Engineering Labs at the University of Toronto. Its high-tech ML computational chemistry tools can accurately model the properties and behaviours associated with alloys from atomic to mesoscale through the four stages of:

• Concept

• Prediction

• Modelling

• Evaluation

With the startup’s current models focused on Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) or Amorphous Alloys, which are much hardier and resistant to corrosion than other durable alloys out there, Phaseshift Technologies optimizes the properties of its models for the additive manufacturing landscape model processes in Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Direct Energy, Deposition and others.

At the heart of all this is the startup’s three founders:

First up is Fazal Mahmood, Phaseshift Technologies’ CEO. With two years of experience in AI and quantum computing, he has a BS in astronomy and physics from the University of Toronto.

The startup’s CTO is Gurjot Dhaliwal. With a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the University of Toronto, his expertise in ML for materials science is a good fit for Phaseshift Technologies’ advanced alloy design plans.

Finally, we have Abu Anand, the startup’s CSO. He is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Toronto specializing in concentrated alloy design through computational chemistry.

The $775,000 in pre-seed financing Phaseshift Technologies received last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to how highly regarded the team and its IP is. Shanda Group, First Star Ventures, Hustle Fund, and Eric Kwan (Angel) participated in the round.